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Monster Hunt

~The world has seen it’s fair share of crazy things....luckily most of those things have vanished over time...well they had. Recently, creatures of legend have started to spring up all across the land. In different parts of the world beasts of legend have once again begun terrorizing the world. For fear of death the people and lords of the areas alike have come together for the purpose pooling their funds to offer large rewards for the creatures....dead or alive. If the so called Hunters have what it takes.

~Okay so heres how it works. If you think you gots what it takes, you are being summoned, called upon, or requested for your expert services. People gots monster problems and they need’em taken care of. You’ll be posting below if you are up for the task, and put in groups. This is how we will determine who goes after which creature. Now wether or not you want to team up for this party is up to you guys, however for the sake of the event we’re gonna ask you determine it from the jump. Meaning No saying, “Yeah lets be friends....” Then turn around and stab someone in da Back. If ya Wanna fight for it, fight for it. We’re gonna focus on the Hunt here ya dig? Oh yeah, and these beasts of legend I mentioned.... They’ll be controlled by your’s truly, friendly staff and volunteers already selected to fairly control the beasts to provide a fun, engaging, and challenging event. And we are selected to control them based on skill, not popularity and it’s for your own good. We’re not trying to end the event in the first encounter with the beast your after, where would the fun in that be right?

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 Shinobi Reality

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PostSubject: Shinobi Reality   Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:37 am

We want you…

cycle has been recreated once again for the experience that Shinobi
have battle since the beginning of the Shinobi world. Like all great
histories, this story is what men have called a ‘repeat in time’ and
perhaps they are right to say such actions. But the era of today has
changed ever so much in this time frame. Yet even with the advancement
of what technology has to offer and how the culture of the old and the
new begin to mold together, it appears that there will always be two
sides to the story.

History is much like an endless waltz, the three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.

There are none left who remember the Fourth Shinobi War, nearly two centuries have passed since Uchiha Madara's attempt at control, he and his fellow legends of the Shinobi World have fallen into the pages of History, within those wrinkled pages that most ignore. Following the War one might say the generation became spoiled, Uzumaki Naruto's actions within the Last Great Shinobi War bringing peace to the continent. For a time, the Academy students were put to bed with stories of glory brought from the war, from the peace which the new 'Savior' had brought. The days past, the birds flew, babies cried and the aged died, but there was not a weapon lifted in violence. One might say the villages lost their edge, their true purpose pushed into the story book pages where tales of war slept. Pacified out of purpose, the Shinobi Villages began to fade, a Nindo became nothing more than an antique ideals, Ninja became nothing more than mercenary, before their own stories disappeared into the library of history as the world rested in it's period of peace.


As all things do, the world of 'True Shinobi' faded away with time, it's death coming slowly in the decades after the last of the Great Wars. Within peace, the people became docile and weak; for there was no threat for them to contend with, nothing for them to truly fear. As if similar to smelling the weakness of the defenseless children, it seemed that an unknown force swept from the darkness, leaving nothing but ruin behind as it struck this helpless world. They seemed to come from nowhere and their force ravaged these Children of the Shinobi who were all but helpless as the peace had driven them from the path of their ancestors.

This unstoppable force became known only as the Celestial Empire, their origins unknown, the most truthful rumors spoke of them coming from a distant country far beyond the known borders of the Shinobi Continent, others whispers, inspired by terror said this army came from the flames of Hell itself. This army was composed by those who fought different than the Shinobi of Legend, they fought with force of hand and weapon, with skill outside the realm of ninjutsu and with their weakened state, the Shinobi world fell quickly under the force of the Empire. Yet, despite having lost their edge, all was not lost for those who had been so easily conquered.

With their weakened states, the Shinobi Villages had fallen far from their former glory in the time of peace before the coming of this new conflict. Thus, most fell quickly, the lesser villages burning out quicker than a candle in the wind, even the main villages could only fail against the strength of the Celestial Empire, yet once again an alliance was formed, for one must learn the art of war when it is so violently thrust upon you. Alone and in their weakened state, these pathetic villages could not fight against the might of the empire alone, so once again they came together to fight for their world, fighting in the battles of the Fifth Shinobi War.

And Now Revolution:

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And lots of cake...

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Shinobi Reality
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