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~Okay so heres how it works. If you think you gots what it takes, you are being summoned, called upon, or requested for your expert services. People gots monster problems and they need’em taken care of. You’ll be posting below if you are up for the task, and put in groups. This is how we will determine who goes after which creature. Now wether or not you want to team up for this party is up to you guys, however for the sake of the event we’re gonna ask you determine it from the jump. Meaning No saying, “Yeah lets be friends....” Then turn around and stab someone in da Back. If ya Wanna fight for it, fight for it. We’re gonna focus on the Hunt here ya dig? Oh yeah, and these beasts of legend I mentioned.... They’ll be controlled by your’s truly, friendly staff and volunteers already selected to fairly control the beasts to provide a fun, engaging, and challenging event. And we are selected to control them based on skill, not popularity and it’s for your own good. We’re not trying to end the event in the first encounter with the beast your after, where would the fun in that be right?

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 "Observe, Analyze, Consider, and Choose." ~Blue Flame Training~ -Dragon of the West-

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PostSubject: "Observe, Analyze, Consider, and Choose." ~Blue Flame Training~ -Dragon of the West-    Mon Oct 10, 2011 2:22 pm


Rozu was in his private quarters at the Northern Air temple, dwelling on the past couple of days. He was twirling a small flame in his hand. The small little sparkle going in between each finger starting from the thumb down to his index finger around his middle finger then his ring around his pinky. Back to forming a circle in his hand, his face only looking at the ceiling above his face just about expressionless. But something was on his mind. He lost his fight to Husain and had to be saved by an air bender, Rozu didn’t take well to losing at all he knew he could beat Husain that’s another thing that bothered him. If his focus wasn’t so damn distracted he could have won. If his emotions weren’t getting the best of him he could have won. The final thought about losing was why now of all times was he getting distracted, Rozu was never the type to lose focus. He was really hard to distracted in a whole, but that was him growing up in Jang Hui. There wasn’t a lot of distraction, now that he’s travelling having to save people and protect them it became a lot harder to focus like he used to. It was just in his nature to have emotion and angry responses, to some things and now he was finally starting to learn that. He was learning things about himself that he didn’t know before, emotion was just in his nature. No matter how hard he wanted to hide it, but that doesn’t mean he can’t control it or use it to his advantage. Rozu noticed that his flame that he was twirling in his hand sparked a quick blue tint. Rozu’s eyes went a quick wide, and he sat up multiple thoughts were flying through his brain. A small hint of blue fire was seen to a fire bender, this was something to be very excited about.

He stood up quickly and made his flame wider in both hands, it was just its regular orange and red color. Rozu placed his hands together making the fire disappear. He started walking back and forth kinda fast having fire just come in between his hands seeing if he can spot some spark of blue tint, no luck.He made the fire wider like he was searching for something, again no luck. He was looking forward outside at the moon, he was trying to remember something his older brother Torqiru told him a while ago…

Quick flashback…

Rozu was walking around town with Torqiru. The energetic eleven year old was running around doing cartwheels and hand back flips, with a wide smile on his face. He ended landing on his feet his back facing the way they was walking. Torqiru paid no mind to him, Rozu did this everywhere they went it was just about typical. Torqiru was reading a list he wrote so he knew what kind of food to get at the market. Not too far ahead was a large gathering of people something that doesn’t happen a lot in Jang Hui unless it’s something of great importance. They both hurried there steps to see what was going on. It was a memorial service for a an old nation war hero

“A memorial site here in Jang Hui wow, it must be someone important.”

Torqiru said rubbing his chin. Rozu came up behind him. “…I guess it is."

The large grave stone said Jeong Higoshi. Torqiru knew who he was, and paid his respects in silence and made Rozu do the same. Rozu lifted up his head and saw the words “Sapphire Dragon” Rozu scratched his head. “Torqiru who was that? And why did it say Sapphire Dragon?” He asked about to continue his cartwheels.

Torqiru looked forward with a sleepy look in his eye, he was getting tired just watching Rozu do all this cartwheel stuff. “Jeong Higoshi was a war hero, and he was born here in Jang Hui. Some people say he was one of the greatest fire benders that ever lived even greater than the fire lord. Plus he had the rare feat of using blue fire hence his name the sapphire dragon. His skills were a legend around the whole Fire Nation itself. The way he fought was fierce like a dragon. With his blue color which means even stronger fire, only added to his uniqueness.” Torqiru replied to Rozu’s question. Rozu stopped his cartwheels and landed sitting on the ground it was quite random.
“Blue fire!! That’s gotta be awesome he was a war hero to wow. Torqiru you think I can have blue fire one day, it would make me unbeatable!”

Rozu said with an excited tone he placed his hands on the ground and was doing one handed hand stands. Torqiru smirked
“You never know they say it’s very rare, Jeong was one of the only people to use it in his time and it in general increases your heat in your fire a great deal. But the thing about it is, you have to great emotional and physical control. From the looks of it you already got the physical part down.” Torqiru laughed watching Rozu walk with him using his hands.
Rozu smirked “Great emotional and physical control huh? I’ll master blue fire someday watch Torqiru.” He said with a smirk.

End of Flashback…

Rozu still looking at the window was disturbed by two rather subtle knocks on his door, he was quite surprised to have someone come to his door at this time of night. But he was wide awake so it didn’t bother him much. Rozu went to the door and slid it open, it was a young man just a bit older then him. He was an air bender at the temple. “Hey…” Rozu said to him. He looked at him for a while, but his look wasn’t off nervousness or annoyance. “How are your injuries?” He asked kind of randomly. Rozu placed his right hand on the lower part of his chest under his armpit it felt fine. And his arms were not hurting either.

“I’m fine thanks for asking though.” Rozu said it was kind of weird that he would come just to ask about his injuries. The guy smiled. “That’s good to hear, listen I was going out for a walk you wanna join me. Doesn’t look like your going to sleep soon anyway.” He asked leaning on the side of wall. Rozu thought for a moment he was about to walk by himself, but a walk with this guy couldn’t be so bad. “Umm sure I’ll go.”

Rozu stepped out and they went out it was silent for a while just hearing the sounds of their foot steps. “You know you started quite the commotion with your sudden attack on us the other day.” He said with a humorous tone. Rozu didn’t say anything for a while, he know he looked like a idiot when he did it.
“I apologize for my actions the other day, I was just…” Rozu was saying, but the air bender interrupted him.

“Yea I know looking for that girl. We are peace loving people so your easily forgiven, we tend to keep a controlled sense of mind.”

“Can I ask you a question? How do you as air benders keep your emotions in tact, like you do. It almost seems as if you guys don’t have any.”

The airbender was leading the walk now, you can see the laughter from the movements in his shoulders.
“Ahh well we do have emotions young fire bender, but your right we are very well in keeping them in tact as you know we are non violent people. One of the ways we were able to do that, is because we don’t let emotions like rage, anger, sadness overwhelm us. But we feel them.”

They were walking to an outer part of the temple where people wouldn’t be out as much.
“The simple ways to do it is observe, analyze, consider and choose. Most the time when emotion gets the best of us is during a situation, like for example looking for your friend. You observed but only with blind eyes, you analyzed but only half the situation, you considered only one option, and you thought your only choice was violence.”

The air bender said giving Rozu some good insight. Rozu thought heavily about this, he was right just about everything he said was dead on.

“Observe, analyze, consider and choose. Thanks I will take that into heavy consideration, whats your name?”

“Names Hurran, and yours?”


“Rozu that’s a good name, reminds me of a few certain people. So mind if I ask what was on your mind when you lost to that earthbender, from the look at both your skills you should have came out the winner.”

“Uuhhhh I was distracted to many things running through my mind, it doesn’t happen a lot. In fact it was the first time I let myself get unfocused and so distracted like that.”

“Rozu my friend girls have that effect on us all.” Rozu was caught off guard by his words. But all he could do was think he was right. Rika was on his mind, along with other things. Rozu never thought such distractions would bother him enough to lose a fight he should have won. He brushed his hand through his hair and simply laughed it seemed so foolish now.

“Yea but she likes that Saleh guy.”

“Saleh psshhhhh don’t worry about it, girls are complicated beings my friend. In do time she will make the right decision. “

“Perhaps it doesn’t bother me much now, seems kinda dumb putting all that thought into one girl. She’s a friend and I will always be there for her, now better than ever to make more proper decisions.”

“That’s good to hear my friend your already on the path of keeping those emotions of your down.” Hurran chuckled.

“Well Rozu it was nice walk but im gonna head back are you going on by yourself?”

“Yea yea I’ll be fine I’m gonna keep going…got some more thinking to do.” He said facing Hurran pointing a finger in deeper direction. Hurran nodded and was heading back to his room.

Rozu kept walking on thinking about what Hurran said.

“Observe, analyze, consider, and choose.”

Rozu looked up around at his surroundings. He was at the Northen Air temple never in a billion years he thought he would be here, and now he was finally taking it in. He loved beautiful sights and the temple and the sky was amazing especially in the night time. Rozu took a deep breath thinking on the past couple of days, the decisions he made and the actions that followed after. And how things could have ended up differently for a lot of people in a whole. He took a seat on a rock, and just looked at the sky for a moment, but with a quick forward motion he sent out a large blazing arc of red and orange flame into the air, it had a hint of blue tint in it. He went back into his seated position, and started snapping his fingers having a small spark of fire burst out with every snap. Some of his snaps were a blue color, that appeared quickly but then quickly went back into orange and red color. He snapped again a small burst of fire came out, Rozu took a breath.

“Analyze, consider and choose.” He said to himself he closed his eyes and snapped again this time getting a continuous blue flame. He opened and saw the color, the blue hue was evident you could see it in his eyes he smirked.

His eyes closed tightly shut, his breathing pattern on point as always when he was about to start training heavily. His fingers tips touching each other lightly, he was in a state of calm mind and body. He let out a slight breath and opened his eyes and continued walking till he found a comfortable in a good spot.

He had a small smile on his face unlike other time when starting to train. “Calm mind and body, focus on a more intense and hotter flame.” He said to himself. He made two fingers point out from each hand, he shot a stream of fire to his right first, looking at the intense red and orange flame. Then did it again this time going left, getting the same red and orange color but when it ended a spark of blue showed slightly. He took another deep breath, he needed more focus but he also needed to keep a calm state of mind. He couldn’t let himself get aggravated from not being able to perform this technique then he would never be able to get it.

He bent his knees and with his right leg leading, he did a flip sending a arc of fire in the forward direction mixed of blue and orange. The flame landed on the ground not to far away. He pulled it closer to him with his hand, and spun his body around having the orange and red fire come around his body. Using both arms he was forming the fire to make long lashes, following his hand movements. Doing wild turns and spins he brought both whips together making one long lash of fire that was in front of him. He separated his hands and the fire came in between, with a charge he let out a powerful blast of all blue fire forward into the sky.

But it wasn’t enough he needed to get the hang of it as much as possible. He placed both hands by his chest In fists, he took a deep breath. And would let it out, making a large wall of blue fire come in front of him. He held it steady, and synched every movement with his bending. He had the fire come around him and make a dome that was spinning rapidly around him. It was all blue, Rozu smirked still keeping that focus. He felt like at a peace at mind, something like an air bender. He would borough traits from all the bending arts and now he found his for air bending their state of mind. He kept calm that was easy to him, he thought about the situations, he observed his movements, he analyzed and he chose.

He made two blue flaming whips in each hand, and was swinging them around to just start getting the feel of the new power. IT had to become second nature to him, if he wanted to use it in battle. His training would go a lot smoother, if he was in a battle situation. It would force him to apply the mind set he just learned in battle, things were learnt a lot faster in a battle or dangerous situation. IT should be easy for Rozu but it was going to be different, before he would just hide emotion under that serious exterior but now he would face it use it and control it. He ended his series of attacks, the wind blew hard making his short spiky hair move and flow a bit. The look on his face, was serious training was one of his favorite hobbies although it didn’t show it he was enjoying himself a great deal.

A while would pass by with Rozu doing spinning blazing arc kicks sending out multiple blue blazing attacks. In order to test his power, Rozu used three fingers shooting a fireball forward targeting a large rock. The blue flame burnt and destroyed most of the rock. The power of the fire was evident his moves were a lot stronger and powerful with longer reach then before. His attacks felt a lot more damaging and combustive and explosive. He made fire just release from his hands and looked at the blue color, he couldn’t stop bending the look and feel of it was just too much to stop doing. Even his total control of fire felt stronger, he didn’t have to focus as much. He just simply had to hold his hand out, and the fire would come as if they were connected. He held each hand making the fire spin fast in both hands, he used his right hand and sent the first fire disk forward an spun his body around and sent the second disk. They both completely obliterated the rocks they hit.

After that Rozu focused fire from his feet planning on using his jet propulsion. He used more power than usual and it sent him high up, while in the air he shot multiple blazing arcs in the air and when about to land he used a smaller flame to control his landing. Then went forward going even faster then before, not using his hands he just used both feet making sharper turns and quickly picking up speed again. Then did a jump in the air using the fire he sent a large blast of blue flame forward. Rozu smirked and smiled then that smile turned to laughter. “Wow this power is…amazing. I wonder what Torqiru will say when he sees me do it.”

Rozu was now walking back to his room, with a smirk on his face. When he got back to his private room, he snapped his fingers and fire came from his snap it was red and orange. Then Rozu snaped again it was back to blue. Rozu went back to laying down on his bed and placed his feet over the edge, he twirling blue fire in between his fingers like earlier before he left. But this time it was blue, his candle was burning and with a quick motion the fire from the candle went to his hand and that was the only light in the room. Gave his room a cool blue like color, Rozu couldn’t stop smirking. He closed his hands into a fist putting out all light in the room.

Word Count- 3,025

RUP- 3


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"Observe, Analyze, Consider, and Choose." ~Blue Flame Training~ -Dragon of the West-
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