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 Rising Dragon part 2 (training thread)

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PostSubject: Rising Dragon part 2 (training thread)   Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:35 pm

Rozu was getting prepared to leave in a day to start his travels. His brother Torqiru surprised him with money for travels. He wanted Rozu to be out on his own and discover the things that he wasn’t able to. Rozu was upside down his legs hanging from a pole, doing full pressed sit up but without sitting just hanging. His beads of sweat, was hitting the floor he was shirtless only wearing training pants. The heat of the sun, was beaming on him something all fire benders loved. He was outside, using a training area that he and Torqiru made so he could stop running off in far distances. It was quite wide and if used right he wouldn’t bother the civilians much because the large platform was a little far off from the people. It was kind of like Rozu’s private training area, the people in town grew to love Rozu a lot. He’s defended them a lot from robber’s and other that tried to threaten the village. Jang Hui in general wasn’t very protected by guards, making it a village of frequent attacks. But they have dulled down a lot thanks to Rozu and sometimes Torqiru when he wasn’t being lazy.

Rozu wasn’t going to let his departure tomorrow hinder training for today, he still had stuff he wanted to get done before leaving. And it of course involved training, something Rozu loved doing. He let himself drop down flipping landing his feet on the ground. He took a couple of deep breaths let himself re-gather some energy.
He walked back into the house, where Torqiru was being fed grapes by his girlfriend Lianna. It was quite funny to see, he acted like some kind of king when he wasn’t. Rozu smirked when he walked in, there was towel rag on the table Rozu used it to wipe off his sweat. Lianna and Torqiru were paying him no mind, Rozu went to get something to drink to quench his thirst. “Don’t with your training already little bro?” Torqiru asked taking in another grape from Lianna.

“No im not in fact I need you with some help, can you come out?” Rozu said it was a question but it sort of sounded like an demand. But not a forceful demand, but Rozu knew he was going to come anyway. When Rozu was persistent enough he could get Torqiru to train with him. Torqiru sighed and fell deeper in his chair, the look on his face was that of laziness and annoyance. Lainna just smirked and stood up. “Enough grapes for you mister, go spend time with your brother today is his last day here.” Lianna said as she walking towards the door. Rozu smirked at her. “Thanks Lianna.”

“No problem Rozu, I have to go out and get some food anyways.” Lainna took her large bag and went out. Leaving Torqiru and Rozu in the house. Rozu kept looking at Torqiru with a smirk, he knew he was going to give in soon.
“Fine! I’ll go damn it!” He said eventually placing his palm on his face. He stood and Rozu went into laughter, with some light chuckles. “Why you wanna start training with me all of a sudden? I thought you liked training by yourself?”

“Yea I do, but today is my last day here, I rather end it with a training day with you. Plus I need some help with a technique or two.” Rozu said walking outside towards the training area. Torqiru sighed, he was a last guy and where Rozu loved to train and spar Torqiru hated it. They both walked to area, Torqiru saw how the field was set up a couple of large rocks, wood and hay stuffed bags, were lined up. He knew what technique Rozu was trying to get down, his own personal one. Torqiru didn’t show it but he was a great fire bender, and he even made a few of his own personal techniques. Something of which Rozu wanted a part of and Torqiru knew it. They both stepped in the training area, a annoyed smug looked was over Torqiru’s face. Rozu’s face was serious and calm as always, letting fire come from the snap in his fingers. His focus just looked at the lined up rocks, in order. “Well you already know what I’m trying to do so you gonna help me out or not?” Torqiru sighed and rubbed the temples on his head. “I told you over and over again your using focus right, making sure your hand is flat and the concentration on fire is thin as paper.”

“Yes, yes I got all that but the targets burst in flame instead of being sliced by it.” Rozu said rubbing his chin. Rozu got like this all the time when training, when he couldn’t get something down perfectly. Torqiru took off his long sleeved jacket, not want to burn off his sleeves. “Watch me carefully.” He said smirking. He made his hands flat fingers straight, focus on point his eyes directed at the full bag of hay. He swung his arm fast and steady a trail of sharp orange and red flame followed, and long sharp blade of fire came out fast and cut the bag of hay in half like butter. Leaving small little flames, left on the cut parts of the bag. Rozu smirked, it was such a deadly technique being able to slice things as hard as rock and steal like butter . The tech was condensed heat in a very sharp form, and very wide taking up the entire part where the user has swung. It was very similar to fire blade a simple beginner tech, but this one was much better, thus much harder to learn.

Rozu followed his movements, keeping his hand flat and sight on the targets. He released it was sharp at first but when it reached the hay stack it went wide and looked like a regular sweeping blaze attack. “That’s the problem your movements are to wild, cause that’s all you used do was spazz with those kind of attacks. Keep your form centered and straight, your arm doesn’t have to be straight just your form try again.” Torqiru said as he fixing the problems with Rozu’s stance.

Rozu bent his knees and instead using a wild thrusting movement, he used a straight slice movement. Swinging his arm from his right side to his left. Sending out a long line of sharp fire at a hay stack, it was on perfect target but instead of cutting threw one it went the three perfectly. Torqiru looked stunned, and his facial expression quickly disappeared. He expected nothing less of his younger brother.

“Good again, this time think thinner and sharper.” He said looking forward to the rocks.
Rozu got in stance again, that was the only thing slowing him down from using the technique in battle getting in stance for it. He did it again and repeated his movements. With a wide swing Rozu cut two rocks in half sliced clean off, leaving the open part steaming hot the smoke was coming off.
Torqiru raised an eyebrow.
“You didn’t need my help you punk.”
Rozu smirked. “Naaww not really, just wanted you to spend some time with me.” He started giving Torqiru a shove.

Word count 1,226

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Rising Dragon part 2 (training thread)
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