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~The world has seen it’s fair share of crazy things....luckily most of those things have vanished over time...well they had. Recently, creatures of legend have started to spring up all across the land. In different parts of the world beasts of legend have once again begun terrorizing the world. For fear of death the people and lords of the areas alike have come together for the purpose pooling their funds to offer large rewards for the creatures....dead or alive. If the so called Hunters have what it takes.

~Okay so heres how it works. If you think you gots what it takes, you are being summoned, called upon, or requested for your expert services. People gots monster problems and they need’em taken care of. You’ll be posting below if you are up for the task, and put in groups. This is how we will determine who goes after which creature. Now wether or not you want to team up for this party is up to you guys, however for the sake of the event we’re gonna ask you determine it from the jump. Meaning No saying, “Yeah lets be friends....” Then turn around and stab someone in da Back. If ya Wanna fight for it, fight for it. We’re gonna focus on the Hunt here ya dig? Oh yeah, and these beasts of legend I mentioned.... They’ll be controlled by your’s truly, friendly staff and volunteers already selected to fairly control the beasts to provide a fun, engaging, and challenging event. And we are selected to control them based on skill, not popularity and it’s for your own good. We’re not trying to end the event in the first encounter with the beast your after, where would the fun in that be right?

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 Arriving in Omashu

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PostSubject: Arriving in Omashu   Arriving in Omashu EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 4:28 pm

The journey from Full Moon Bay to Omashu was always long and drug out but across the great earth nation it went by quickly for Kuan. He was always brought back to his time traveling, flashes of both his parents tour and his own. But of course, this was his inner heart. Now locked away, and the outer face of the King would make occasional expressions of sadness and even twitches, but the outer king would be confused by this...why would he feel sad. He was the Mighty Earth King Going to war! But sadness racked his heart. Inside the King wept. His nation was going to suffer much before he could stop it, save it from himself. would he be able to save it after all this? The problems of a caged king seemed impossible and far out of reach. The hope alone seemed impossible. The war for control of his own body seemed fruitless... But during the trip the drug’s strength had wavered and he could feel it. Fighting harder then ever. But to no avail.

The landscape flew by as he and his new companion passed the time discussing the Kingdom. Kuan’s knowledge, even if his passion was mostly locked away, was vast of the kingdom. They shared some stories, Kuan spoke of his past, a bit of his time in the old secret war he’d been the general of. A success in almost all accounts. He avoided the topics of his loss and that of the incident in the kingdom. Much of it had been covered up anyway and it was long before Data’s time. Data also shared, which help Kuan feel more at ease with bringing him in. Kuan began to see the young man as a son, one he’d never had. Not completely, but the boy was a spitting image of himself at that age in a to of ways. Although they may have butted heads a few times on the trip, they knew and grew to respect each others boundaries. The two became like a father or grandfather to grandson type relationship. Even the inner King grew to like Data, seeing more in him then the outer king, the outer king only loving the ferocity he saw in the boy. Resonating with the familierness there for that was really all the outer King could feel. That and bit of love for his Kingdom, but that was more that he knew thats how he was suppose to feel. His passion and great love was locked away. Regardless time passed and the connection between the King and his new soon to be general was solidified. Then the day came when the walls of Omashu came into view. Grad as always the Earth City second only to BaSing Se, rose and dwarfed almost all the other cities in the world. The mountain peak which the city was built on put the city in the perfect frame with the mountains behind and around it. Perfectly framed as if painted by god himself. The walls looked intimidating and powerful even form here, for Kuan knew an army of his powerful earth benders guarded it, and would give their lives protecting the city. This city was a key war gear, supplying weapons and food and plenty of loyal men and women. Deep down he loved the city for so much more, but now....he admired it as a jewel in his crown practically.

The long path to the gates gave the city time to prepare for his arrival and the earth benders in the walls opened the gates wide for the royal convoy. The city erupted in praise as the Kings carriage passed and he and Data were showered with love and roses. The people did love the Earth King. Omashu was ruled by a King, but even he was answerable to Kuan Ti. The ruler of the entire earth Kingdom all were answerable to him. After a long parade through the streets and finally arriving at the palace, where they were both met by the King of the city and the royal court Kuan soon tok his leave and retired to his quarters for the evening till a later meeting he’d have with the King of the city and a few select guests. Parties like these were not held often, but it was also rare for the Earth King to visit in times like these. Kuan had requested Data meet him in regular attire by the palace side entrance at nightfall. Kuan had a meeting to get to, a much more important meeting then with the royal court. Dao-Ming, his special advisor and controller had drawn him here to discuss the war. Plans had been spinning in the earth kings mind and he wanted to introduce his newest general to his assistant. They were to met at an abandoned and special location, hidden form prying eyes. Seeing as how Omashu wasn’t his home, and the drugs made him a bit edgy and pro-cations, they were meeting away from the place and in private.

Kuan was dressed as he was when he and Data had first met, in a travelers style clothing, arriving at the gates his hood already up. A group of 6 men, all wearing different and inconspicuous clothes followed him. A group of highly trained royal guards to escort and protect the king. Even in a city their guard was never dropped and Kuan was old. Sneaking away in a small town was one thing, here, in the city they would notice his absence. That why he had the guard keeping his guests at bay while they knew the true fact that he was not there. Once Data was in their company they would vanish into the evening crowds of the city. Lost amongst the people no one would notice him or his guard, for they were loosely scattered and 1 or 2 even moved sneakily amongst the roof tops, sure to stay out of sight. They would travel to the meeting place where Dao-Ming hopefully awaited to make preparations for the ensuing war plan..the plan that would surly send ripples across the world.

Word Count:: 1,033
RUP's:: 1

Arriving in Omashu Titan_10
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PostSubject: Re: Arriving in Omashu   Arriving in Omashu EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 6:23 pm

Traveling across the Earth Kingdom would be a long and daunting. Seating in a red leather seat was fine and all, but Data wasn't the one to travel in style. He was use to roughing it, feeling the earth underneath his feet and fighting the wilderness to survive. "This is lame..." The Young Earth-Bender whispered to himself crossing his arms across his chest as his eyes became heavy with exhaustion. A small bump on the road shock the entire chariot, causing his eyes to instantly open. Throwing his head outside, Data looked behind the chariot and noticed what looked like the entire army following close behind with weapons ready and dying passion within their mighty eyes. The nearest solider watched as Data stuck his head out of the window, "Is everything alright Sir?!" He asked with a stern voice looking Data read in his eyes. Data's eyebrows flattened as he processed the words just spoke to him. "Sir...?" This was the first time someone has every called Data "Sir" and actually meant it in a term of respect. Shifting his eyes down to the wooden wheels of the chariot, little rocks covered the entire land. "Looks like we've been hittin' rocks." He spoke with a raspy voice releasing a mighty yawn. Putting his head within the Chariot, he crossed his arms across his chest once again and began falling asleep once again. His body felt extremely heavy, and weak. "It's only been one night! Why do I feel so tired?!" He asked himself before quickly drifting off to sleep.

The ride wouldn't end there. Once Data had awoken from his nap, himself and Kuan Ti started sharing stories. As they talked, he noticed something a little different within Kuan Ti, but he couldn't wrap his mind around what it was. The way he talked now. It was much different from the man back in Full Moon Bay. But, Data gave the thought little to no mind as he continued listening to the stories Kuan Ti spoke of. Data smiled a few times while shaking his head. The stories made him feel like a child again. Stories of war and violence were the only things he was told by his father at a young age. The more time he spent with Kuan Ti, the more he reminded Data of his family back home. Data simply left one day on impulse, he gave the sudden decision little thought. He left his mother in tears, but she understood why he needed to go. She saw something special within her son, like all mothers do. But what she saw was truly special. She saw a young man that would easily cause a great impact on the world in given the right opportunity. So she respected his actions and gave Data full support. His Father on the other hand didn't shad a single tear, he gave no emotions, no last words, nothing. He wanted Data to find his own way, his own meaning. The intense training he put him through wasn't only for Earth-Bending, it held a much deeper meaning. It was to show Data, at a very early age, any challenge could be overcame with the right amount of passion and determination. And when Kuan Ti spoke, it reminded him of his Mother, for Kuan Ti saw something within Data even though he couldn't see it for himself. And of his Father, the emotionless passionate figure he looked up to even too this very day. The two would talk for minutes, hours, days, and even weeks. Becoming closer with each passing word.

As the mighty Chariot approached the gates to Omashu, Data stuck his head out the window with a lazy look within his eyes and face. Over 100 Earth-Benders stood outside the gates cheering and clapping as they worked together to open the giant earthen gate with there Bending. The Nation grew to respect Data as the Kings second. His appearance may be intimidating to most, but his easy going actions and smooth silver tongue quickly changed the opinions of the Nation with quick haste. Tucking his head back within the Crimson colored Chariot, The Young Earth-Bender released a deep breath of anxiety. It's been a little over 50 days, and now they finally reached the destination with cheering citizens and mighty name chanting. Data wasn't the type to let fame and wealth to change his personality. He was still the arrogant and cocky Earth-Bender he was before meeting the king. As the Chariot entered the gates, the army made a type of human wall on all sides blocking the loving citizens away from the convoy. The Young Earth-Bender stuck his arm out and waved a few times as the crowd craved something, anything from there hero's. Slowly moving through the streets of Omashu, the Chariot finally made it to the palace. The two met with the King of the city and was told of a special party being held in the honor of Kuan Ti. The Young Earth-Bender was instantly annoyed, after riding for 50 days, he wanted to rest and actually be able to enjoy staying in one place longer then a few days. But he was in no position to argue, he was a royal guest, and parties came with the title.

But the King had other plans, he wanted Data to meet him by the palace side entrance before nightfall. Data simply shook his head, and walked off. With a great big grin on his face. For one, this meant he didn't need to wear uncomfortable rich clothes. And two, he could enjoy the entire day drinking and flirting with the local waitresses. Now that he was the King's second, women basically threw themselves in his direction, making his job a lot more easier. After hours of fun with a few soldiers and even more waitresses, Data made his way to the meeting point right on time. Vibrations traveled through his feet as he noticed a few people all around them. He mentioned this to the king, and he quickly assured they were no threat to them. As they walked through the city, Data stood a few meters in front of The King as the citizens gawked and whispered pointing over in his direction. It seemed they couldn't even notice The King was right under there noses which made moving through the crowed streets much easier and quicker. Soon, his thoughts drifted to many thoughts about why they were sneaking through the city. Were they meeting with someone? Or was it something much bigger? Data didn't care what it was, he was along with the King and he trusted every decision this man made. The Young Earth-Bender would follow Kuan Ti to the end of the earth if they had the same goals in mind. After spending 50 days with Kuan Ti, Data still had no idea what it is he would be doing. But something told him, this was soon to come out in the open!

Word Count: 1,168
Total Word Count: 1,168
Rank up Points: 1

Total Rank Up Points: 42|45

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Arriving in Omashu
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