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 Avatar Earth-Bending training

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PostSubject: Avatar Earth-Bending training   Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:46 pm

Dun was near the south wall of the city of Ba Sing Se, he ran there after he killed a man by turning the buildings into a boulder and crushed him, and he decided that he didn’t just need to learn how to control his earth-bending but how to use it. He began by using the basics; Dun looked down and saw a rock, probably 3 ins. wide, he began by simply lifting it, it slowly rose off the ground. He then thrust his hand forward and the rock zoomed into the wall. So far so good, maybe I could go bigger than that, He looked around and saw a boulder 10 feet in diameter and he began to raise . At first it didn’t move, but being as stubborn as the average Earth-Bender, tried again and again; until finally it rose off the ground, he then did the same to the boulder as he did the pebble and thrust it at the wall. Dun just had a huge smile come across his face as he saw the boulder go flying. He yelled, Hell yeah, now that’s what I’m talking about. He repeated doing that over and over again until the sun went down, he decided that he needed to rest for the night and feel asleep.
He woke up in the morning and decided that he would work on building walls with his bending. He decided that he would first just make the walls from the ground. Dun took his stance and started to move his hands upwards slowly to try to raise the earth, at first it didn’t work, but he did it again with more force and the wall slowly started to form, but it collapsed when it was half way up, Dun not wanting to give up tried it again until the wall was 8 ft. tall and 10 ft. wide; he did this to the other side as will and made the 3rd wall 8 ft. tall and 20ft wide to connect the 2 other walls. He looked at the area where the 4th wall will be and decided he would do the same and he bended the door out. He walked out of what would be his new home and bended a the final wall, the roof, and he raised it till it was over his soon new home and slowly lowered it down till it was stable on the other walls. There, now I have somewhat of a home, but it will do. he said as he collected the grass near him and laid it down in his new place.
The day was still young and he decided to try something else out, he decided that he was going to head to an earth-bending school to learn the rest. He traveled to the school created by Master Li Fang of Omashu, he came to Ba Sing Se for the tea mostly but he still looks to train Earth-benders, Dun entered the school grounds and saw Li Fang teaching some kids how to levitate rocks. Dun walked up to him and said, I am Lu Dun, I need to learn the basics of Earth-Bending, and you don’t need to know why . Fang just looked at him and knew that this person had a great destiny, very well then Dun, I shall teach you, Class dismissed! He shouted and all the kids started to run home.
Fang took Dun out to the practice area to teach Dun how to make a Rock Shield, Alright Dun, I am going to throw these rocks at you and you are going to make a shield using rock, keep in mind, that I will not stop throwing rocks at you until you get it right, GOT IT?, Fang said looking at Dun. Dun just nodded his head and got into his stance, Fang then started to hurl rock after rock at Dun, at first Dun did not get it the first time, nor the second, third, fourth, and so on and so forth. Around the twentieth time Dun finally got the shield to form but got hit right on the head by a rock. The next time Fang threw a rock, Dun made the shield and stopped the rock. Fang looked at Dun and nodded, Now the next one, Rock Smashing, basically you are making the rock weaker so that it will not harm you, Fang said as he touched a rock and it fell apart. See its easy, all you have to do is touch the rock and use your bending and feel the rock start to become soft, try it, Dun tried for an hour but there was still no progress, although he did turn a part of the rock into a pebble, but he pressed on. Another hour went by and his finger slowly started to sink into the rock, Dun look at Fan, who told him to keep doing it; then all of a sudden it came apart. Dun was excited; he just wanted to learn one more trick, which was Earthquake.
Fang looked at Dun and told him he was ready to learn Earthquake, All you have to do Dun is to simple bash the ground and use your bending ability to cause seismic waves in the ground to make the area around you start to shake, Fang then started to bash the ground, Dun all of a sudden started to shake and couldn’t find his balance. Fang looked at Dun and said, All you have to do is to stand your ground when you do this. Dun took his stance and began to hit the ground, Fang used his bending to stop the items in the practice area from falling, Fang gave Dun a nod and said Good Dun, very good, you have learned all of your basics, now that’ll be 16 silver for the day. Fang held out his hand to take the money.
Dun looked around in his pockets and couldn’t find any, he looked at Fang and said, How about if I beat you in a duel it’s free? Dun asked with one of his eyebrows raised. Fang just laughed and said, Your on. he said as he got into his stance and launched rocks at Dun.
Dun redirected them and he slides his foot and sent the ground rising up between them. He then started to punch holes into the wall, sending the boulders at Fang, who dodge each of them barely. Fang had enough and lifted the wall and threw it towards Dun, who smashed it in half.
Dun was made and ran up to Fang, who ran back at him, Dun popped some rocks out of the ground and kicked them at Fang. Fang dodged the first 2 but got hit in the leg by the third boulder and fell. Dun lifted the ground that Fang fell on and turned it into a ball of rock, Do you surrender Fang, Dun asked. Fang replied saying, NO, at which point Dun squeezed the ball tighter, till he Fang scream, I surrender, Dun let go and saw Fang drop out from it, Very good Dun, you got it down, now, I believe the lesson today is free then, please Dun don’t tell any of my students about this. Dun nodded and took off back to his somewhat home, as soon as he laid down on the grass in it he said out loud, What a day.
Dun was fast asleep until he heard people outside saying, Yeah that’s the guy that killed Kuzu with the giant boulder let’s get him, Dun immediately got up, , Time to show you what I got, he said as he launched himself out of his little home and sees 4 guys 2 with a sword, one with a spear, and another with a hammer. The men with the 2 swords ran at Dun, who stood his ground and raised a wall from the ground, the men hit the wall face first. Dun then pushed the wall forward, while the men were still in front of it, towards the other. The other 2 men dodged it and they both started to run at Dun. Dun brought up some rocks and started to throw the rocks at the men, the man with the hammer dodged the first few rocks but he still got hit hard in the gut and fell over. Now it was just Dun and the man with spear. He was still running at Dun. He let him get closer and right as the man made a lunge at Dun, he made a wall of earth and threw it on the man finishing him off. Now most people would be shocked to find out that they killed a person, but Dun realized that in the world its either kill or be killed, but kill only when your life is in danger. He hopes that these new techniques will not just help him survive, but to thrive and to help him learn more.

Word count:1531[center]
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Avatar Earth-Bending training
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