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Monster Hunt

~The world has seen it’s fair share of crazy things....luckily most of those things have vanished over time...well they had. Recently, creatures of legend have started to spring up all across the land. In different parts of the world beasts of legend have once again begun terrorizing the world. For fear of death the people and lords of the areas alike have come together for the purpose pooling their funds to offer large rewards for the creatures....dead or alive. If the so called Hunters have what it takes.

~Okay so heres how it works. If you think you gots what it takes, you are being summoned, called upon, or requested for your expert services. People gots monster problems and they need’em taken care of. You’ll be posting below if you are up for the task, and put in groups. This is how we will determine who goes after which creature. Now wether or not you want to team up for this party is up to you guys, however for the sake of the event we’re gonna ask you determine it from the jump. Meaning No saying, “Yeah lets be friends....” Then turn around and stab someone in da Back. If ya Wanna fight for it, fight for it. We’re gonna focus on the Hunt here ya dig? Oh yeah, and these beasts of legend I mentioned.... They’ll be controlled by your’s truly, friendly staff and volunteers already selected to fairly control the beasts to provide a fun, engaging, and challenging event. And we are selected to control them based on skill, not popularity and it’s for your own good. We’re not trying to end the event in the first encounter with the beast your after, where would the fun in that be right?

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 Recruiting~ (Private unless you ask Rika)

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PostSubject: Recruiting~ (Private unless you ask Rika)   Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:23 pm



Dao-Ming was on a mission. She walked the streets with her right hand, Daichi. They were looking for a certain woman. Dao-Ming had heard of this woman, Ai'lin, the black jade, was her name. Obviously an alias but the woman was considered one of the best water benders in ba sing se. Though not many earth benders liked her, anyone could get away with bending if they were good enough in these slums. For they were in the poorer area of the capital.

Sick men lay in the streets, dirty children played with each other while disgusting vendors yelled at them to play somewhere else. Dao-Ming loved how they all suffered. It made her feel better about herself. She knew she was better and more powerful then these weaklings. She giggled slightly when she saw a whore on the side of the street, though the woman was dressed more than Dao-Ming was. The woman on the street had a low cut shirt and a long skirt with slits up the sides.

Dao-Ming had a specially made set of armor on. It was made of dragon scales and very rare. But it showed half of her bust. The shorts looked more like panties. She had boots made of scales as well that laced up the outside of her thighs. Her short pink hair bobbed as she walked. The woman knew she looked like a sexy devil.

The bloody phoenix led Daichi down an alleyway. There two men stopped them. One in front of them and one in back. "Hey there pal, we just want the lady..." the one in front said as he pulled out a dagger. He chuckled as he spoke to Daichi, a bit of saliva running down his chin. "Just turn around and walk away, niiiiice and easy."

Dao-Ming chuckled. She dressed this way on purpose just for this reason. She loved the attention as well as loved pulling men like this apart. "I'll take care of the one wiht the knife, Daichi. You take care of the hideous ogre behind us," she ordered. The woman they were searching for would have to wait. This was too much to pass up. She wanted to destroy this man and do it nice and slow.


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PostSubject: Re: Recruiting~ (Private unless you ask Rika)   Thu Nov 17, 2011 9:56 pm

Another day Daichi was walking along with Dao Ming, off to find another possible recruit, a water bender this time. Two of Daichi's men were up ahead, making sure of the girl's location should it change at any time. But they were not to interfere with anything though. Dao Ming was wearing a very rare, and very revealing item of clothing. Daichi then remembered the moment from before they left.


"You are planning to wear that Miss Ming? You know what district of the city we will be roaming around." Rika then walked out from behind the screen wearing only the underwear. "Now now Daichi, you know I can handle myself quite well. Now am I going to wear this or am I going to have to restrict you from entering my chambers tonight?" She was being...physical with him as she spoke and Daichi simply smirked and chuckled. "Not at all Miss Ming, you may wear it." "That's a good boy."


They then turned into an alley and they were stopped by two men. Both were in shabby clothes and looked as if they hadn't bathed in weeks, and likely hadn't. The man closest to Daichi had a dagger pulled out. They made their intentions clear and did it in short. Then Dao Ming said she would take one while he took the other. "If I may Miss Ming, I would like to deal with these men personally. Someone such as yourself need not dirty your hands with such petty mugs." "Hey pal! Why don't ya shut up and step aside before I shove this knife right through ya!" And with that he was about to move towards them, as well as the one behind them, but they were suddenly ejected into the air and back a few street blocks over the buildings, safely landing on things that would break their falls, one of them being a cabbage stand, being followed by a distressed vendor shouting; "MY CABBAGES!!!" Daichi was in a position which would suggest that he used earth bending, the pillars of earth where the men each stood confirming such. He then move back to standing upright and reverted to a proper stature. "Nothing to worry about Miss Ming, now let us be on our way, shall we?" Daichi reached his hand out to her with a calm smile as if nothing had ever happened. A few people who had seen what had happened stood there in awe and then went back to their business, knowing well enough to leave them alone.
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Recruiting~ (Private unless you ask Rika)
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