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 Sand-Bending Techniques

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PostSubject: Sand-Bending Techniques   Fri Oct 14, 2011 2:55 pm

Name: Sand Ball
Rank: Beginner
Element: Sand [Advance-Bending]
Description: The User has the ability to compress many grains of sand and create a two meter sand ball and release it at the enemy knocking them off their feet if contact is made. By Bending and compressing the sand around the Bender, the user creates a nice ball which travels in a straight line with the speed of a arrow. This technique is fairly basic, but has the perfect potential to lure the opponent into a even more powerful Sand-Bending technique.
Range: 6 Meters (Long)

Name: Shifting Sands
Rank: Beginner
Element: Sand [Advance-Bending]
Description: Similar to the Earth-Bending technique Quicksand, this Sand-Bending Version has stronger pulling sands, and a even better range then the original version. The Sand-Bender moves their hands over their hand in a type of circular motion. When doing this, the sand underneath the opponent begins to shift in the same circular motion. Then, within a blink of an eye, the opponent finds themselves sinking starting from the feet, and ending up at the neck with their head exposed so they can breath. Once their legs are caught, it's almost impossible to pull out because the shifting of the sands are extremely fast and powerful, creating a suction type effect. However, this technique will not work on other Sand-Benders of equal rank for they can just bend the sand away from them. This technique takes a full two turns in order to fully trap the opponent. The first turn, half of their body is within the sand, and the second turn, everything except the head is fully in cased leaving them defenseless.
Range: 6 Meters (Long)

Name: Wall Of Sand
Rank: Beginner
Element: Sand [Advance-Bending]
Description: Raising their hands above their head, the Sand-Bender quickly creates a stream of sand which resembles a perfect three meter tall and long wall which protects the user from any type of Beginner technique. The wall only lasts for one turn, for it's not a real wall. It's a falling stream of sand the user created to protect themselves form an attack. Seeing how Sand-Bending is extremely similar to Earth-Bending, this technique can also be used to make a great offense, but it's up to the Sand-Bender to figure out how to utilize the full potential from this technique and use it in a offensive approach.
Range: 3 Meters (Close)

Name: Sand Grip
Rank: Skilled
Element: Sand [Advance-Bending]
Description: With quick simple hand movements, the Sand-Bender has the ability to use small amounts of sand to hold the user in place by the opponents arms or legs depending on which body part is closer to the sand. Once the opponent is caught within the grip of sand, breaking free is almost impossible by normal means. This means, struggling, pulling, or attempting to run isn't going to work, but breaking free can be down. Also, this technique will not work on another Sand-Bender or equal rank. The technique keeps the opponent in place for two turns, by holding on to one of the opponents appendages. This technique can only be used if the opponent is touching sand, or 6 inches off the surface of the sand.
Range: Anything Within A 6 Meters Radius (mid)

Name: Rush Of Sand
Rank: Skilled
Element: Sand [Advance-Bending]
Description: Similar to Wall Of Sand, the Sand-Bender uses the same movements, but instead of of creating a stream around the User. The Sand-Bender uses it within a certain range to push the opponent over and bury them with a great deal of Sand. The Rush Of Sand is a three meter wave of intense sand that hits the opponent with great force knocking them over, and most likely burying them with a few pounds of sand on top of them. This wave can only go in one direction making it inaccurate, but the three meter length makes up for it.
Range: 6 Meters (Long)

Name: Mighty Hand
Rank: Master
Element: Sand [Advance-Bending]
Description: This Technique takes a large amount of concentration, but the payout is enormous, usually resulting in the end of any battle if done correctly. This technique also takes a great deal of sand, so normally, this technique can only be used in a desert or someplace with a great deal of sand. The Sand-Bender slowly brings their arms up over their head. While this is happening, the sand in front of them forms into a great hand of sand 15 meters long, and 15 meters wide. Of course something this big is going to take awhile to create, so it'll take the Sand-Bender in question one full turn in forming this massive creation. But once this hand is fully created, the Sand-Bender shoots it forward for a amazing 25 meters. By shifting the sand underneath the creation, thus causing it to go forward for a great distance. This technique has the ultimate defensive and offensive capabilities. For defense, this technique can with stand two master level techniques, 5 skilled, and ten beginner level. While still keeping it's hand like shape and moving forward. For offense, Once the hand makes contact with the opponent or anything else, it'll exploded forward creating a big wave of sand to engulf anyone or thing within the 15 meter radius. Once this technique ends, The Sand-Bender has no more energy to continue the fight, thus making this technique a "all or nothing" type move.
Range: 25 Meters (Long)

Name: Sands Rising
Rank: Master
Element: Sand [Advanced-Bending]
Description: A master of the sand can the create a powerful technique, capable of stopping large opponents, and even a group of large opponents. Best used in the desert, and the user would be hindered by the amount of sand available. However, assuming one was in the desert, they could call fourth the sands into large compressed spikes. These spikes could vary in size, but could reach up to ten meters high, and three meters long starting at the base of the cone. At this master level, up to 4 spikes could be created. The thickness would resemble that of a cone, being thick at the bottom and slimmer as the spike reached skyward.
Range: 3 Meters (Short)

Total Rank Up Points: 42|45

Stay Out The Water!
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Sand-Bending Techniques
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