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 Rising Dragon (training topic)

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PostSubject: Rising Dragon (training topic)    Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:14 am

Rozu was in his bedroom early morning awake of course, he was on his bedroom floor doing push ups like always. He didn’t have much to do in Jang Hei him being one of the few fire benders here other then his brother, the other fire benders don’t have the passion like they should something that always detested Rozu. But he never really let it get to him, he only focused on himself and his improvement to become better and better. With sheer determination Rozu planned to top them all every competitor that stepped before him. He was no doubt talented and gifted, but his strongest asset was his determination and sheer focus to win. Something his brother also lacked, Torqiru. Torqiru was a great fire bender and trained Rozu in the basics, but he didn’t Rozu’s drive but he did have the talent. Torqiru mostly calls Rozu the fighter and the fire bender in the family, most people never see Torqiru fire bend at all. But everyone see’s Rozu training every morning, It was his routine a daily exercise. Every morning just like today Rozu would wake up and do 50 pushups 50 situps and go for an hour to 30 minute run around the village. After that was followed by numerous fire squats, and breathing exercises pull ups and sometimes weight lifting by using heavy sand bags.
Rozu kept himself in great shape, in near perfect athletic form keeping himself slender and fast but making sure his strength was high, his punch to even take down bigger guys if he wanted to. He practiced his speed and agility so his body could keep up with the thoughts in his mind with no strain. He used some bars to practice his acrobatic skill, as a fire bender defense was low so he had to make that up with a quick body and even quick reaction. Being able to use his surroundings to his advantage Rozu would practice jumps flips rolls, hand stands everything to make sure he was able to handle most situations.
“44,45,46,47,48,49,50.” Rozu finished his pushups for the day, but because he was feeling curious he got on his thumbs and did twenty more just to get the feel of it. He stood up and rubbed his face, he had plans for some intense fire bending training today on his own. Yesterday Torqiru told him some tips for two techniques that’s all Rozu needed he didn’t like having Torqiru training him. He preferred to do it on his own, that’s just the way he wanted to train. He ran down stairs using the ledges to hop over the last five steps he didn’t see Torqiru anywhere so he went outside to start his running. He ran towards his right, seeing the usual people in the morning like every other morning. He gave his waves to the common folk around. There was always a group of girls, who woke up early to catch Rozu running early they adored him a lot, but Rozu never noticed as always he was oblivious.
In about forty five minutes Rozu reached his destination it a wide open terrain in the forest wasn’t to far from the village. But it gave Rozu the distance he needed to get his mind right for training. He placed his hands on his knees to catch his breath, he just needed a few seconds to get rest, but it wasn’t that he was pushing himself. But the body see’s a lot more results when keeping it under pressure, but still active. Rozu was used to this though he did mostly every morning it was like peace of cake to him. The only thing about today was he was learning new techs he never tried before. Only going on Torqiru’s little pointers for each one, but that’s all he wanted.
Rozu started out doing nicely paced breathing making sure he was in lined and perfectly centered. He placed his fingers together, letting small flames come between his hands. He slowly separated his hands making the flame bigger every time he exhaled. Then suddenly with a quick movement he sent a fire ball forward it just went forward hitting nothing he didn’t have a target. He just wanted to let out fire and and feel the glorious suns rays on him. It was a great day for training and Rozu felt it as the sun’s rays powers coursed through his body. To him being a fire bender was exhilarating and nothing was better.
Rozu took another deep breath, and thought of the first tech he wanted to learn today. Rozu decided in his head already and got in position to do it. He had no idea how to get started though, training on his own was harder then he thought. He started by making some fire in front of him, the flame releasing from his hands as he moved them in a circle like position. He was trying to get the fire form a front shield he didn’t know how to get it started though. The circle formation wasn’t working at all, it wasn’t a good enough defense. He let let the fire fall and go to the ground. Leaving a line of flame in front of Rozu, then it hit him at least he can use this as a prep to master the true tech. He focused on the fire in front of him and he took a deep breath of air and bent his legs the perfect distance apart. With a couple of arm movements going up the line of fire became tall standing over him by a foot. Rozu showed no emotion not even his usual smirk. He kept focus and determined he made the fire in front of him more intense and it started to spin around slow at first then rapidly forming a blazing tall circle around him. Rozu keeping his form focused, wanted to close the opening above. He had flame close it and continued to have the fire move rapidly, and created a fire dome encasing Rozu in. Now Rozu decided to smirk he almost had this thing down pact. But he still thought it required to much focus, and wanted to get down faster for more faster blocks. Rozu placed his hands down slowly, starting from the chest down to his waist the flame died down along with his arm movements. Then he did the tech again using his arm movement the way he was moving was more like an waterbender. This time the small dome of fire came faster and faster. Rozu dropped it again, letting all the fire dissipate. He closed his eyes and stood up straight getting a full stretch. And with one arm this time but creating fire from both a fire dome surrounded him again. Rozu finally pleased with his form and speed let it drop.

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and took a deep breath, he wasn’t don’t learning this tech. Rozu placed hands by his chest, forming a fist this stance sort of resembled a earth bender. With his right hand he raised it up, fast and high creating a wall of flame. His arm dropped and the fire died out, he did it again with his left hand creating another wall. He used both hands creating two wall of flame and brang his arms together having the two walls become one. Now his form taking that of an waterbender, had the fire come around again having a dome of fire surround him. Rozu was in the middle smirking he was going wild just letting himself flow with the energy surrounding him. Rozu felt alive he gave his arms a push having the fire spread apart, and he was gone disappeared.

Rozu was sitting down on the ground there was a little fire left on the ground from his last fire session. He raised his palm towards it, as if he was trying to control it and make it stronger. Surprisingly this was difficult tech to learn, for the fire wasn’t his own that he created. But he was trying to make it stronger if he could learn this tech his fire bending could be almost unbeatable and undeniably very powerful. It was easy to use his fire and control it, but it was more difficult to control fire he didn’t create. So he wasn’t going to get anything out of this. Till he spotted a fire in the forest not to far off, it was in running distance. Rozu smirked this was the perfect shot, and chance to practice. He ran off to the forest fire it was getting pretty big. Rozu got there and used his hands to focus on the fire, it was a lot harder to do then he thought. But Rozu remained focused and he raised his palms the fire was drawing near him, he saw it and that only sparked him further. He used more focus and more fire was coming his way, Rozu was started to turn it and the fire was getting smaller and smaller. Rozu kept his face on the prize, He did one more pull and all the fire came his way it was amazing. He felt that all the fire was in his control and he shot it out of the forest. He ran out back to his open terrain, and raised his hand at a small spark of fire that was on a branch. The fire came to him fast, and Rozu started to mess around with it he made it larger creating a stream then a whip then into a lash of fire. He used that lash to surround making the fire even bigger and bigger. Then using his fingers Rozu took a deep silent breath, then with another breath he let out a charged burst of flame that was very powerful. It launched into the sky, Rozu smirked. “Welp that’s all for today.” He said to himself, and ran towards back home.

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Rising Dragon (training topic)
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